The Wellpoint

The Wellpoint is state of the art providing the user with the facility to take their own health metrics, in confidence, without having to make an appointment or see a health professional. The kiosk gives them advice and guidance, but gives the user the responsibility for taking action where needed. The physical tests the kiosk takes are

Weight & BMI     Body Fat     Blood Pressure     Heart Rate

This makes the kiosk a great tool for the screening of a large population, highlighting only those that require intervention. It’s especially effective at engaging the cohort that don’t generally see a health professional, middle-aged males.

The kiosk can also give the user their ‘Heart Age’, a useful and easy to understand idea of their general health and wellbeing and can include standard or bespoke questions, assessments, signposting etc. Users can (and are encouraged to) register on the kiosk. They can remain anonymous, whilst getting the benefit of being able to access their health check history and track their progress over time.

Wellpoint are constantly looking at improving their health kiosks. The software is regularly updated, often including improvements as the result of user feedback. It’s important the kiosk is as intuitive as possible, as users rarely get training on its use, and it should be unmanned – allowing users the anonymity and privacy they wouldn’t get with an appointment with an OH professional.

The Health Checks

Getting Results

The Wellpoint can send user results by email or text message (SMS) as well as users being able to print out their results. These options are configurable, so you can turn on and off which options you’d like to provide. We can also put bespoke messages onto the printout and emails, such as to direct users to your own website or phone number, or to give specific advice. This can be tailored to be different depending on user results, age, gender etc.


The reason the Wellpoint is so popular with users is that they can use it when they want, without making an appointment, and without having to speak with an OH nurse or other health professional. They therefore need to be given appropriate advice regarding their results. We always tell users to speak to a health professional if they are unsure or concerned about their results, but one of the real advantages of the Wellpoint is that it can give tailored advice based on the individual and their results.

The standard behaviour is to warn the user on screen if they have high blood pressure (over 160/100), telling them they should speak to someone about their results. However, the Wellpoint software can be bespoked to include any message you wish. If you want to direct the user to a specific person, phone number, website etc, we can do that, and we can also change the values at which the user is signposted – e.g. if you want to show the signposting at 140/90 instead. It’s not limited to blood pressure, we can do this for any metric the kiosk takes, and also base it on age, gender or any other information we have about the individual.

We can also add in another layer, for example where the user requests that the kiosk sends their details directly to their OH nurse, requesting an appointment is made. The OH department can then proactively contact the user to arrange to see them. Please speak with us about your requirements and we can discuss how we can work with you.

Questionnaires and Assessments

The Wellpoint is flexible in what it can ask users and what data it can gather. We have a number of standard questionnaires that we can include if requested, including Lifestyle (with questions on alcohol, exercise, smoking etc), Stress and Feedback/Satisfaction. Using our powerful and flexible questionnaire engine, we can also include any set of questions you’d like to ask users. We can include conditional questions, so different questions are asked depending on user’s answers.

We can then include the results of questionnaires, whether standard or bespoke, as part of our reporting to you.

Health Information

Wellpoint have a relationship with NHS digital and provide their health content directly through the kiosk. This means you can access the latest NHS digital health information whenever you use the Wellpoint, giving you information that you can trust is accurate and up to date. This content is also available to you when logged in to Well.Me.