What should my Blood Pressure reading be?

Approximately 30% of people in England have high blood pressure, but a lot of those people don’t know they have it. High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attack or stroke, so it’s important you know your blood pressure and if high, speak with a health professional.

NHS Choices and the British Heart Foundation have a lot of information on blood pressure and high blood pressure.

The ideal BP reading is between 90/60 and 120/80, although a BP of up to 140/90 isn’t anything to be too concerned about. If you’re regularly getting BP results over 140/90, speak with a health professional.

Your BP can vary a lot during the course of the day due to things such as caffeine, food, walking, talking etc. If concerned about your results, you might want to consider sitting for 5-10 minutes before taking a BP test on the kiosk. This will help bring your BP down to a normal level.