Why Well.Me?

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."
J. F. Kennedy
Well.Me is an application giving access to your Wellpoint health kiosk results online from your laptop, tablet or phone. You can also get additional health information, set goals, compete in challenges and chat with friends and colleagues about your wellbeing on The Pulse.

The Wellpoint

The Wellpoint is a state-of-the-art touch-screen health kiosk, allowing individuals to "know their numbers":

Your data across all your devices

Access your results and the full Well.Me experience from anywhere you are via your Mobile, tablet or Laptop.

The Wellpoint Group

Formed in 2002, the Wellpoint Group has extensive experience operating in independent and multiple retail pharmacies; occupational health departments across a wide range of business sectors; and importantly, within the UK National Health Service. The Wellpoint kiosk is uniquely flexible in its capabilities producing a variety of customised health and wellbeing solutions for large and small organisations alike.

The objective of Wellpoint is to deliver an extensive network of planned and opportunistic health screening together with access to a wide network of health information solutions, to significantly extend and advance the efficiency and effectiveness of existing health surveillance and improve the overall health within a population, whether it is in the community or workplace.



Just some of the clients we have using the Wellpoint health kiosks and Well.Me to support the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

What our customers say:

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The Kiosk linked in with a health management questionnaire was really well received within the business, and the simple user interface to measure your weight, BMI, Blood Pressure made the experience quick and painless. We required management information to support our internal wellbeing strategy and the reports presented helped us understand what areas we needed to focus upon. My advice for future businesses who are considering using the kiosk is to spend some time on the communication and positioning of the kiosk and the kiosk will do the rest.
Valerie McGinty, EHS & Sustainability Manager — PD&DF Divisions, SIEMENS


What Happened to my login?
We have improved the way users log into the Wellpoint and Well.Me. If you have a Well.Me account linked to the Kiosk, you will now use this to log onto the Wellpoint. …more

Tips for Reporting a Kiosk Fault
Although rare, problems can occur with Wellpoints. However, our dedicated Service team can respond quickly and can often resolve a problem remotely, without having to make a site visit. To resolve issues as quickly and easily as possible, it helps our Service team to understand exactly what the problem is. Here are some tips to help you to provide us with the information we need to help you as quickly as possible. Imagine you're feeling unwell and have gone to the doctor. You wouldn't just tell the doctor you're ill and wait for him to fix you. You'd explain to the doctor wh …more

Why do I need to enter my post code when taking a QRisk®3/Heart Age test?
The Townsend Deprivation Index (or Townsend Score) is a way of indicating the deprivation level within a population. Your risk of heart disease is affected by where you live, as there are different lifestyles, affluence, medical services etc in different parts of the country. Therefore, part of the QRisk®3 algorithm's data includes post code, so where you live can be included in the way your score and heart age is calculated. Please use your home post code, rather than your work one, or where you're taking the QRisk test. If you choose not to provide your post code (just leave the field …more

What ethnicity should I select when taking my QRisk®3/Heart Age test?
The QRisk®3 algorithm is based on a wealth of collected medical data, allowing your information to be compared to millions of other pieces of data and thus give you a QRisk Score and Heart Age. Part of this data is ethnicity. Different genetic makeups give different physical and physiological characteristics, so it's important to know what your ethnicity is. It's important to make the distinction at this point between ethnicity and nationality. For example, you may be British, being born and raised in Britain, and with a British passport, but your ancestors and thus genetic makeup might be …more

Do tests on the Wellpoint hurt?
No. There are 3 different ways the Wellpoint takes your health metrics. The first, for Weight and BMI, is taken by standing on the foot plate of the Wellpoint, which is a set of scales. Then Body Fat is taken by holding the handles on the front of the WEllpoint. Although a light electrical current is passed through your body, you won't feel a thing. The third is the blood pressure cuff which takes your blood pressure and heart rate. This is very similar to having your blood pressure taken at the doctors. Instead of a cuff being strapped to your upper arm and inflated, you put your lower arm into …more

Is the Wellpoint hard to use?
No. The Wellpoint has been designed to be used by anyone, without any prior knowledge or training. Everything you need to know is on the screens - just follow the instructions and you'll have your results in no time. You'll find that once you've used the kiosk once or twice, you won't even read the instructions any more and you'll be able to take a full test in just a few minutes.

How long will my printer paper roll last?
The length of printouts vary depending on which tests are taken, the logo shown, and other bespoke text that might be included on the printout. Based on an average printout length of approximately 20cm, you'll get over 900 printouts per roll (each roll of paper is 183m/600ft long). The Wellpoint kiosks use thermal printers - printers that heat the paper to make the paper change colour, rather than use ink. Your printer never needs to have ink, toner or similar replaced, it just needs paper. …more

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