The Wellpoint Kiosk

State-of-the-art and with over 15-years’ experience in health screening, Wellpoint Health Kiosks provide an essential starting point on the journey to better health and wellbeing. Linked seamlessly with our Well.Me digital health platform, your health metrics are securely accessible, in one place. The Wellpoint kiosk is intuitive, easy to use and available when convenient for you, without the need to make time-consuming appointments.

Well.Me Kiosk machine

Making People's Lives Healthier

IN THE COMMUNITY - our foremost driving force is to promote wellbeing and create environments where individuals, families, and communities can feel informed, empowered, healthier and happier. Through our Wellpoint kiosks and Well.Me digital health platform, we take a joined-up approach to promote health and wellbeing to all - critically engaging with those who never or rarely have contact with a health professional. We constantly work on developing and implementing robust, effective health programmes to address the health and lifestyle factors that affect people’s wellbeing.

IN THE WORKPLACE - as well as providing employers with an in-depth understanding of their employees’ health and effectiveness of their workplace health interventions, Britain’s Healthiest Workplace aims to study the link between modifiable health risks and short-term productivity, develop a common understanding of what employee health and wellbeing means, and establish a common set of standards that can be applied to all industries. The survey uses a broad set of questions covering lifestyle, clinical and mental health, work engagement and productivity, and an in-depth assessment of the health and wellbeing interventions being offered by employers.